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28 07 2008

Hi, I’m the owner of Three Dollar Bill Cafe where we host a Deaf Coffee Social on the first Friday of every month. I’m glad to see that you are taking advantage of our Deaf Coffee Social for DQMO’s upcoming events in October. However, I did see on a postcard that there will be an “Official Host Bar.” Where will this host bar be set up?


Good Day, Vince –

Host bar will be held at Eagle Tavern 🙂

See you there!

Nick Horn

29 07 2008
Paul Glaser


I really look forward to attend this event in few months! I checked on this website ( and saw my last name wrong. Here is my correct last name: Glaser (not Glasser) with one S.

Many thanks and see you in October!

Paul Glaser

Good Day, Paul –

Sorry if it was incorrect but I went on and changed it to Glaser with one S 🙂

See you there!

Nick Horn

9 12 2008
Llewellyn Jones

I just wondering when it will be on again?? for next year.. so I am interesting to presentation in it..

I am from Australia. so I am 24 years old soon. so I have been experiencing as working in support service for GLBT young people for nearly four years..

I would like to presentation on Deaf Youth and GLBT from my experiences and training involved.


Llew Jones

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